We are Civil Association with a strong technical and operational profile, and our goal is to create, plan and implement development and social inclusion initiatives drawing on sports as our key component.

Amongst our objectives we can underline the promotion and transmission of positive values through sports in all its disciplines and the advancement of physical activity toward a better quality of life for children and adolescents, adults and the whole of society.
We began our work in 2012 with the purpose of fostering the social initiatives that the Escuela Modelo de Fútbol y Deportes Claudio Marangoni was carrying out, relying on its path and pedagogical methodology and sports training strategy.

Lines of action

Our main lines of action are:


Develop programs of corporate social responsibility that pinpoint sports as a means of development and/or as an intervention tool in communities prioritized by corporations or corporate foundations.


Develop individual and group skills and abilities through entertaining activities and sports.


Organize and set up training and improvement courses related to the social role of sports.


Create materials and supplies for the development of social sports targeted to different interest groups.


Create practices and healthy habits through sports in girls, boys and adolescents, as well as adults and older people.


Promote social values by means of sports, games and recreational activities.


Achieve a comprehensive management of inclusion and social advancement programs and projects through sports, games and recreational activities.

Work Methodology

Our work is based fundamentally on the following principles:

Our intervention mechanism is structured as follows: analysis, planning, implementation, supervision, evaluation and lastly, systematization of the proposed initiatives.

We actively promote the development of the following phases amongst our partners. It is our understanding that a correct pre-planning and monitoring of the course of action will contribute to the success of the strategy. Furthermore, we carry out a final evaluation of results with the goal of generating transparency amongst all the parties involved.

We work in the Republic of Argentina. We have the resources needed to implement programs and projects in several provinces of the country, relying on a network of partner institutions that provide operational support.

Task force

We possess a flexible and interdisciplinary structure created with the purpose of facilitating and guaranteeing the success of the action lines employed.

Claudio Marangoni is our team leader. The team is also comprised of physical education teachers, social workers, sociologists and other specialists. The objective of all the team members is to consolidate the ties within the community and understand the complex social reality of the communities where we operate.

Claudio Marangoni

Was a professional soccer player from 1978 to 1991.

In Argentina, he played in the First Division of Chacarita Juniors, San Lorenzo de Almagro, Huracán, Independiente and Boca Junior clubs, and abroad in Sunderland Club in England. Furthermore, he played for the Argentine National Soccer Team from 1983 to 1985.
Sports and games have a strong impact in the life of a child. Also, physical activity is essential for a good physical, psychomotor and social development until children reach adolescence. Sports facilitate the learning of values that last a lifetime; we also know it improves motor skills and promotes team work helping social integration amongst students.
As a trainer, he was part of the coaching staff of Boca Juniors Club in 1991 and 1992 and was Technical Director of Banfield Club in 1998.

While he played professional soccer he earned his degree in applied kinesiology and decided to open a soccer school for kids. He based his decision on the lack of appropriate professional institutions for the comprehensive teaching of sports to children, and his profound social commitment and teaching vocation.
Three decades later, it was the same commitment that led him to incorporate the institutional framework to Asociación Civil Valores y Deporte. This center is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote and foster sports in all its disciplines to children and adolescents and society in general. The organization has allowed for the improvement of the community, partnering with the private and public sector.

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