Values and Sports Civil Association and the Claudio Marangoni Sports Academy

We are a civil association founded in 2012 for the advancement of social inclusion sports programs developed by the Claudio Marangoni Sports Academy since the beginning of 1990.

We set up projects in the realm of physical activity, sports, recreation and quality of life. We rely on our own initiatives and the partnerships we establish. Our alliances allow us to work with government entities, companies and corporate foundations or international organizations.

Our work is based on good practices and criteria intrinsic to the management of socio-community programs on the premise of participative analysis and concludes with assessment results and the systematization of the processes undertaken.


Contamos con tres alianzas estratégicas destinadas a potenciar la formación integral de niños, niñas y jóvenes haciendo hincapié en el movimiento y la vida activa al igual que en la transmisión de valores positivos.

We promote inclusion and social development resorting to sports as the fundamental action strategy.


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